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5 Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers Your Friends Will Love

Dentistry and gift-giving don’t always go hand in hand. When you think about getting an awesome gift for Christmas, chances are you don’t think about a new toothbrush. Nevertheless, there are some neat stocking stuffers out there that are good for teeth and fun to use at the same time. Before you rush to the store to buy all the candy imaginable, check out these 5 smile-friendly stocking stuffers your friends are sure to love.

1 ? Bacon Dental Floss

As you may suspect, bacon dental floss is actual floss that is flavored to taste like bacon. It comes in a bacon-shaped container that is funny and appealing at the same time. While this is mostly considered a gag gift, you can in fat use it like regular floss. Priced under $6, this is a great stocking stuffer that won’t leave you with an empty wallet.

2 ? Pearly Wipes

Pearly Wipes are designed to clean your teeth when you can’t get to a sink to brush properly. As the name suggests, these are little wipes that you rub on much like you would use a cleaning wipe to scrub down your counter. They come in a little round tin that can easily fit in a purse, glove box, pocket, etc. Prices vary by seller, but they are usually around $12.

3 ? Colgate Wisps

Colgate Wisps have been on the market for a while now, but they can still be a great surprise to see in a Christmas stocking. Think of these as tiny disposable toothbrushes that you can bring to work, school, or even a night on the town. A pack of 24 costs about $7, and you can find them at Walgreens, Walmart, and a number of other large retailers throughout the country. You may very well end up picking out a pack for yourself too!

4 ? SuperSmile Whitening Gum

This is not your ordinary whitening gum like what you can find at the drugstore counter for $.99. SuperSmile Whitening Gum is designed to thoroughly remove surface stains without damaging your teeth. The product was developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel, a well-known name in the dental community. The gum will run you $24 for 100 pieces, which makes this one of the more expensive gifts on our list. Nevertheless, it is one your friends are sure to get great use out of.

5 ? Floss Picks

Floss picks are great for cleaning teeth on the go. They come with a piece of floss threaded between two picks, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of rolling out the floss and wrapping it around your fingers. There are many varieties of this product on the market nowadays, and most of them cost under $5 for a large set. Your friends might not say “wow” when they see them, but chances are you will catch them using the picks sometime in the future.

Incorporate some of these smile-friendly stocking stuffers into your shopping list this year, and you will be able to spread the joy of healthy teeth for the holidays.

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