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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common oral health concern that can happen to almost anyone. With the right habits early on though, you will be able to reduce your risk of developing gum disease. The information below shows five sure-fire ways to prevent gum disease so you can keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Read on to see what you can do for your mouth.

1 ? Brush Your Teeth Regularly

As obvious as this may sound, regular brushing can do wonders for gum disease prevention. Brushing your teeth gets rid of bacteria and plaque that forms around the gums, and it keeps your smile bright and white. Brush your teeth twice a day, every day and keep up that habit for your entire life.

2 ? Use a Tongue Scraper

Tongue scrapers are fun to use, and they can remove a ton of bacteria that gets trapped on your tongue. Your tongue is really nothing more than a giant sponge in your mouth, soaking up bacteria that will eventually work its way into your gums. You can use a tongue scraper as a squeegee along your tongue, pulling off bacteria along the way. Your mouth will feel significantly cleaner with just one swipe.

3 ? Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is a common ingredient in toothpaste that is used to strengthen teeth on the surface. The fluoride helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay by flecking off bacteria that tries to stick around. If you want to get even more fluoride out of your dental routine, you can use ACT mouthwash or a similar product that boost fluoride levels in your mouth. Also ask your city water supplier if you have fluoride in your tap water, in case you want to start drinking from your sink.

4 ? Eat Healthy Foods

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet will help your smile stay clean and bright. With the proper nutrients in your body, your immune system will naturally fight the bacteria that causes bad breath and gum disease. Drinking water throughout the day will continuously rinse out your mouth, which again will get rid of bacteria. Work on improving your diet so you can improve your smile.

5 ? Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

Keeping up with your dental cleanings will get rid of the stuck-in plaque and bacteria that you cannot get out on your own. You should visit your dentist twice a year in order to make your smile as clean as it can be. These visits will also allow your dentist to see early signs of gum disease and suggest ways to avoid them before they fully develop. The sooner you catch the problem, the better off you will be.

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