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Benefits of Visiting an LVI Dentist



In the field of dentistry, there are different types of dentists. Each one has his or her unique designations and skill sets. For example, there are dentists that specialize in sedation dentistry and orthodontics. Others may focus on cosmetic techniques. There is a good chance that you already recognize those designations. However, one that you may not be familiar with is an?LVI dentist.

An LVI dentist is one that has received specialized training through the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the post doctoral training facility, it focuses on state-of-the-art occlusal, diagnostic and aesthetic dentistry.

There are three things that essentially separate the post doctoral facility?s programs from the others. They are the depth, breadth and approach used during the training process. For instance, discussions about occlusion may expand to include training in neuromuscular dentistry and cranio-cervical physical therapy.

Talks about diagnostics, on the other hand, may include information on 3-Dimensional cone beam CTs and transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation. If you don?t know what all of those things are, don?t worry. An LVI dentist can explain them to you in great detail. That?s just one of the many benefits of making a LVI dentist a part of your healthcare team.

It?s not the only benefit of visiting an LVI dentist either. Because of the rigorous training a LVI dentist receives, he or she typically takes a holistic approach to oral health. We?ll give you an example of what we mean. Let?s pretend that a patient is showing signs of teeth grinding and complaining of dry mouth. A LVI dentist would know to consider obstructive sleep apnea as a potential cause. He or she may then recommend that the patient use a Somnomed MAS and talk to their primary care physician about getting checked for heart disease.

That is just one example of how a LVI dentist can help. To learn more,?contact us?at?(919) 462-9338. Dr. Ashley Mann, DDS is a LVI dentist that is well versed in family and cosmetic dentistry. He also offers a?complimentary consultation?to new patients.

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