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Enjoying a Dentist-Friendly Halloween


Halloween is a tremendously fun holiday, but a potential nightmare for your teeth.? All the candy and sweets that kids eat on Halloween, and the haul from trick-or-treating that they save for days or weeks to come, don’t do their teeth any favors.? And it isn’t only young kids who get into the spirit of the day; people of all ages celebrate Halloween in dentally unfriendly ways.

While we won’t be complete killjoys and tell you to scrap Halloween altogether, what we’ll offer are some tips for making the day more?dentist-friendly.

Think of food alternatives. ?Kids could also enjoy various toys, Halloween-themed stickers, crayons and sketchbooks.

Healthy treats can taste just as good (or better!).? You can also offer healthier treats that would still go well with Halloween. This?fun post?from Spoonful offers suggestions for 15 snacks, ranging from ‘edible eyeballs’ to ‘pizza mummies’ to serve up on Halloween.? Let your imagination go wild.? Also, don’t forget that it isn’t just solid food, but also drinks that can be a huge source of sugar.? Ease off on the amount of soda you offer at Halloween events, and drink more water or other beverages that are lower in sugar.

Regulate candy intake beyond Halloween.? There will probably be leftover candy, maybe lots of it, and you’ll need to be a gatekeeper, making sure you and your family don’t have too much every day.

Provide an extra reminder to anyone with braces.? It can be easy to get carried away enjoying the treats of the day, but if you have braces (or if your child does), make sure to remind yourselves about the kinds of foods to avoid, such as those including caramel, hard nuts, lollipops, licorice, gum, and anything really that’s sticky or difficult to chew (in general, candies that are super-sticky also aren’t good for people without braces, as their residue can be harder to get out with brushing and flossing).

Keep your teeth (and the rest of your body) safe from injury.? In addition to the unhealthy foods, Halloween is also a time when people of all ages can be more rambunctious, whether it’s kids running around in the dark in their costumes, or adults enjoying a wild party with drinks.? These kinds of activities do increase the chances that you could get a tooth chipped or knocked out.? Have fun, while also making sure you and your loved ones aren’t doing anything that significantly increases the risk of bodily injury.

Now is also as good a time as any to remind yourself and your loved ones about healthy dental care practices, from brushing and flossing regularly to making sure you’re replacing your toothbrush when needed.? Don’t hesitate to?contact us?for more dental care suggestions and to set up an appointment.

Happy Halloween!!

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