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How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a growing problem in the modern world. It comes from a baby’s long term exposure to drinks containing sugar, including milk. Children who are taught to pacify themselves with a bottle or sippy cup often face problems with their dental development. This may decay baby teeth when they come in and prevent adult teeth from growing properly.

The guide below explains how to prevent baby bottle tooth decay from forming.

Don’t Let Your Child Carry a Bottle throughout the Day

Some parents let their children hold bottles throughout the day so their kids can drink over the course of several hours. The bottle acts as a pacifier for the kid, keeping him calm and happy. As much as you may want to do this for your child, you have to find other ways to keep him in a good mood. Long-term exposure to sugary drinks is a guaranteed way to decay teeth, even before they grow in.

Keep the Bottle out of the Crib

A lot of parents will leave a bottle in a child’s play pin or crib so the child can drink it before bed. This is a longstanding process that puts your child at risk of tooth decay. Try feeding your child a big meal right before nap time or bed time, and then use a comfort object like a stuffed animal to keep your child calm in bed.

Start Brushing Baby Teeth When They First Come In

In order to prevent baby bottle tooth decay, brush your baby’s teeth early on. This applies to teeth that may not be fully formed. In fact, it would be wise for you to use a clean gauze pad or a washcloth to wipe off your baby’s gums after each feeding. Floss when your child has two teeth that start touching together, and keep up with these good habits even after he is off the bottle entirely.

Check Fluoride Levels in Your Water

Fluoride is a wonderful ingredient for fighting tooth decay. If your child drinks tap water, see how much fluoride your water has in it. If you use a filter on your sink, see if the filter eliminates whatever fluoride is present. If there is not much fluoride in your water, that is fine. Drinking water will be better than drinking milk in a bottle, at least in the realm of tooth decay.

Follow the tips above, and you will be able to avoid baby bottle tooth decay.


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