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Most Popular Myths on Teeth-Related Problem

There are many myths that people associate with dental problems. A prominent one, for example, is consumption of too much coke can lead to your teeth getting dissolved. There is another common one that claims that your teeth become weak when you bleach them. How far are these myths justified?

Myth#1: Your teeth become weak when you bleach them

There are various kinds of whitening products available in the pharmaceutical stores in the form of pastes, trays or strips. These products constitute of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for removal of pigmentation from the enamel’s surface. Some of these items may provide results by cleaning the stains from the surface, but they must be applied judiciously.

When you use these oxidizing agents too much, they can make your teeth, as well as gum, sensitive, and over a long period of time, using them may make your teeth appear translucent.

However, though it is true that excess use may strip the enamel or pigment from the teeth, they are not known to cause havoc to the overall structure of teeth.

Myth#2: Cracks may appear in your teeth due to extreme temperature

Though there is a possibility that extreme changes in temperature may cause cracks in your teeth, that does not mean that when you eat an ice cream, your teeth will crack. When your teeth are healthy, they are able to absorb differences in temperature that occur inside your mouth.

Oral health is important. You must go for routine checkups to a dental clinic so that you are sure that small defects are not tell-tale symptoms of a major concern. If there is a crack in your teeth, it is better to treat it early.


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