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Sensitivity and Benefits of Dental Crowns

A crown is a prosthetic device that is placed on a natural tooth or when a dentist does a dental implant. It is cemented by applying powerful dental adhesive. Crowns are often used for covering up a damaged tooth, a partial tooth or for covering up a dental implant.

Some of the key benefits of dental crowns are as follows:

  • To improve your tooth’s shape
  • To improve your tooth’s appearance
  • To make your damaged or partial tooth strong
  • To prevent shifting of your teeth if some other teeth have gone missing

Dental crown sensitivity

After a crown is put on an affected tooth, you may experience slight sensitivity in your tooth afterwards. There may be various factors affecting the reason for sensitivity. Check out some of the major reasons for sensitivity to occur due to using a crown on your damaged tooth.

The material used for your temporary tooth is not buffering

Your temporary tooth may be made of a material that is triggering your sensitivity of tooth. There are some materials that can help in protecting your tooth from cold or hot items that can guard against sensitivity. Plastic is a good material to protect your teeth against extreme temperature. However, as far as durability is concerned, metal is more durable than it. But the latter is not equipped enough to buffer a tooth against both cold ad hot things.

Ailing from ‘bite tenderness’

When a dental crown is too tall, you can suffer from an ailment known as ‘bite tenderness’. This can convert into your teeth becoming sensitive towards cold and hot items. It is usually there in case of temporary or permanent crowns but is not very frequent and can be taken care of quite easily.

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