One Visit Crowns


A dental crown is a simple procedure that places a tooth-shaped “cap” over a misshapen or broken tooth to restore its strength and appearance, and crowns can be made of a variety of materials including metals, ceramic, and porcelain composites.

Though they can greatly improve the appearance of a tooth, crowns are more than just cosmetic devices. They can be used to salvage a tooth that has been badly decayed or damaged and can support and protect weak teeth. Crowns are also used to anchor other dental corrections by providing the necessary framework to secure bridges or dentures.

A crown is one of the most common dental procedures performed today and with proper care, the benefits can last a lifetime. Make sure to talk to Dr?s Mann and Dolfi now about dental crowns so that you can explore the best options for your particular needs.
CEREC Tooth Restoration

Although metal fillings and coverings have been used for generations to correct cavities, they can be unattractive and detract from the natural beauty of a smile. While in years past patients were forced to rely on these materials to fill cavities and protect teeth, the development of the CEREC tooth restoration procedure makes unsightly metal fillings a relic of the past.

With a CEREC tooth restoration, Drs. Mann and Dolfi can replace your unattractive old fillings with new, aesthetically-pleasing ceramic resin coverings. Not only do these restorations mirror the natural color of your teeth, they also provide better protection, last longer, and bond completely to your teeth. Furthermore, the CEREC tooth restoration system usually requires only a single visit – saving you valuable time and money.

Enhance your smile and increase your self-confidence today with a CEREC tooth restoration with Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Ashley Mann and Dr. Ralph Dolfi. Every 20 seconds a lucky patient experiences the vast improvement that a CEREC tooth restoration can bring to an imperfect smile. Don’t wait – that next person could be you.
Metal Free Options (ceramic, composite, or fiber reinforced composites)

Dentists used to have few options other than metal when they needed to fill a cavity, construct a bridge, or reinforce the strength and integrity of a tooth. Not only was the use of these materials painful, metals had the potential to actually damage the tooth and almost always detracted from the aesthetic value of the patient’s smile.

Fortunately cosmetic dentists like Drs. Mann and Dolfi now have myriad options for providing patients with structural improvements without compromising aesthetics. Ceramic, composite, and fiber-reinforced composite materials provide alternatives that are more attractive than metal and are generally safer and longer lasting as well.

You can now replace your unsightly metal dental work with strong and affordable alternatives. Talk to Dr?s Mann and Dolfi today about your metal-free options and have those old-fashioned and unattractive metal fillings replaced today!

Watch our video on CEREC one-visit crowns here!


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