Treating a Toothache in Cary

If you have decided to go in to meet your Cary dental specialist to get your toothache treated, don?t lose sleep over it. It is normal to be a little worried about dental treatment, but being prepared can help you see that most of the time your treatment at a family dental care centre in Cary can be as easy as pie.

Your dentist whether you are in Cary or Apex will most likely first perform an oral exam to check for the condition of your teeth and possible causes of the pain.

After this, an X-ray may be taken if the dentist feels the need to investigate further or to get a clearer picture of the area around the affected tooth. This is quick and painless.

In the?case of tooth decay, the infected portion may be removed and a filling put in to fill the gap. If you have left it untreated for a while and the pulp is also infected, then it may require a root canal treatment. Impacted teeth (stuck between the jaw and another tooth) may need extraction at a reliable dentist in Cary.

Remember, you are likely to get away with a simple filling in most cases, and delaying this visit could be a lot more costly and painful. So head over to your Durham dental specialist right away.


How to Pick your Dentures in Apex NC

Dental implants and dentures become a big part of your look once you have them fitted, so it pays to take a little extra care when you are being fitted for a new set in Apex NC. Dental work can be expensive and getting something like a pair of dentures is especially important since a good set will probably last you for years to come. You wouldn?t want to waste time or money on getting rework done because of a few slip-ups in your choices the first time around.

Know what color of dentures to ask for when you head into your Apex NC cosmetic dental center. A little homework and time spent picking out the right shade to match your teeth is a good idea. You have two options. One is to go with an exact match to the color of the rest of your teeth, even if this means picking a more yellow shade. Or you could pick a whiter color and have your cosmetic dental specialist bleach the teeth around it to match.

There are also choices of shape and size of teeth. Get your dentist to help you pick the styles that work best for your look and retain your most natural smile.

The decision on whether you need partial or complete dentures will stem from the condition of your teeth and whether you are missing a few (partial) or most (complete) of your pearly whites. In some cases your cosmetic dentistry specialist in Apex NC may suggest dental implants instead. Weigh up your options before you decide.


Options to Make Your Visit to Our Office Fast, Easy & Stress-free


Have you or a loved one been experiencing dental pain? Is a tenuous financial situation and fear stopping you from getting that pain taken care of? If your answers are ?yes? and ?yes?, please know that there are ways to remove those barriers and receive the dental care that you or your loved ones so desperately need. Here?s how:

If you have never been to the Dr. Ashley Mann, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry office before, you are eligible to receive a one-time,complimentary consultation. During the consultation, we?ll be able to identify the root cause of your dental pain and suggest treatment options. One of those treatment options may be sedation dentistry. It is designed to help people that have a fear of receiving dental treatments.

After the complimentary consultation, you?ll have a better idea of what sedation dentistry entails and how much the necessary dental work will cost. We can also talk about how Dr. Ashley Mann, DDS is a?Care Credit dentist. What that means is that we accept Care Credit as a form of payment. It is a special credit card that is very easy to apply for and use. It is designed specifically to pay for healthcare and comes with a free healthcare financing guide.

The special financing terms are what distinguish it from other cards. Those special terms, which are available for those who qualify, vary based on the applicants? unique situations. However, the list of options includes no interest plans, fixed interest rates and extended payment plans.

To apply for the card, all you need to do is fill in a brief form. Within minutes of doing so, you?ll know whether or not you are approved for dental care financing. Should you be declined, please know that we do accept other credit cards and?insurance plans. In addition, we offer discounts to those that pay in advance with a check or cash.

To learn more about what it means to be a Care Credit dentist and discuss your options further,?contact us?at?(919) 462-9338.