How to Avoid Dental Carries With Diabetes

All diabetes patients know that dental problems are common in their condition and they have to take special care to avoid them. High glucose levels with diabetes can aggravate plaque deposits on teeth and lead to tartar formation that can quickly deteriorate into dental carries or periodontal disease. Regular visit to family dentist Cary by diabetes patients will help them to manage dental problems like mouth ulcers and infection.

Dental care tips
Regular blood checks can give you advanced warning about good and bad glucose levels in the body that can help in preventing dental problems.

Dentist Holly Springs can also give you a list of warning signs to avoid dental carries related to diabetes and complications of tooth decay.

Brushing twice every day along with flossing will remove all remnants of food particles and control build-up of plaque.

For dental care Apex diabetes sufferers should try to avoid food items that have starch or sugar in them and include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Diabetes patients should also avoid smoking and monitor their cholesterol and triglycerides levels at dental clinic Cary to avoid diseases related to gums and tongue. Neglect can lead to chronic infection and pain followed by long-term expensive medical care.


Does Diabetes Increase the Risk of Gum Disease?

The risk of gum disease which is also referred to as periodontitis is increased by more than three times when a person has diabetes. While earlier the risk of gum problems was more prevalent among diabetic people aged above 40 years, it is now found even in children below 18 years who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes. If your child suffers from diabetes, it is a good idea to take him or her to your dentist in Apex as soon as possible.

Diabetes can lead to varying oral problems like xerostomia and candida along with periodontitis. The most common reason behind dental problems among diabetic people is related to thicker blood vessels that is a unique complication of this disease. The thick blood vessels of a diabetic slow down the flow of nutrients into his mouth which increases leads to manifestation of germs and growth of harmful wastes with them mouth leading to early gum disease.

Cavities in children

Youngsters without any health issues tend to have healthier teeth then diabetic children as their teeth tend to develop cavities faster due to presence of high glucose in their saliva which adds to sweets or chocolates when consumed.


This infection is caused by fungus which thrives on saliva with high glucose levels. If a diabetic person is a smoker or is wearing dentures it will be difficult to have a clean mouth all the time which can lead to easy build up of fungal infection. However if you are able to keep your diabetes under control and avoid smoking then you can prevent building up thrush in the mouth. Bacteria that thrive on sugary substances also manifest themselves in a poorly controlled diabetic?s mouth as high level of glucose in the mouth helps germs grow.