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Your perfect smile is a click away!

7 Creative Ways to Use Dental Floss

Want to get more out of a roll of dental floss than just clean teeth? This simple nylon string has a number of potential uses that reach far beyond the corners of your smile. Listed below are seven creative ways to use dental floss.

Sew with It

Have a button that keeps coming off your shirt? Sew it on with dental floss instead next time. You can also try using dental floss to fix tears in thick material because it can stand up better than most thread.

Bake with It

If you keep breaking your freshly baked cookies with your spatula, try sliding some floss underneath them to pry them off the baking sheet. Once they have released themselves completely, you can use a spatula for the actual lifting process.

De-Badge with It

If you want to take badges or stickers off your car, you can use dental floss to help you do this. Lowly work the floss behind the adhesive backing on the badge until it come loose. You may need to wear gloves for this in case the floss cuts into your hands.

Cut with It

You can use dental floss to cut soft foods, like cake, bananas, hard boiled eggs, and some cheeses. Wrap each end of the floss around one of your fingers and then pull it tight. You can move down on the food after that to create perfect slices even better than a knife would make.

Decorate with It

You can use dental floss to hang pictures, sun catchers, Christmas ornaments, and much more. As long as the item is small or somewhat light, the floss should be strong enough to hold it up.

Repair with It

If you have a leaky faucet that you can’t fix just yet, you could use dental floss for a quick solution to your problems. Tie the floss around the head of the faucet and then set the other end of it inside of the drain. When the leaks come, the water will follow the path of the floss and not make any noise.

Garden with It

Have some unruly vines that need directing? You could use dental floss to tie the vines to a trellis. You could also use floss to hold together groups of bamboo or other plants like that when you want them to grow close with one another. Play around with some different ideas, and you will soon see boring old floss in a whole new light.


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