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Dental Crown Restoration: A Long Term Solution For Replacing Teeth

Dental Crown Restoration: A Long-Term Solution For Replacing Teeth

A dental crown can be the perfect way to restore a smile to its former glory. In the event of a tooth with extensive damage, discoloration, or some other factor that makes it painful or unsightly, a dental crown is a great restorative solution.A dental crown can not only correct cosmetic imperfections but can also…

Comparing Invisalign® And Traditional Braces

Comparing Invisalign® And Traditional Braces

When it comes to dealing with teeth alignment problems, Invisalign© and traditional metal braces are two of the most popular options you have to choose from. The most obvious difference between these two orthodontic devices is that Invisalign© aligners are almost impossible to notice when worn, while it is almost impossible not to notice if…