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Your perfect smile is a click away!

How to Have Brighter Teeth

A smile with sparkling teeth that are unspoiled by stains or cavities is the dream of every man, woman and child which may be difficult for a few unlucky ones that have not taken care of their pearly whites as advised by their dentist. Beautiful and shiny teeth can help you impress people at work or in relationships, which are not too difficult or expensive to achieve by following simple cleaning techniques and adopting healthy eating and drinking habits.

Avoid dark foods and fizzy drinks

Foods and condiments with dark pigmentation can lead to staining just like tea and coffee that will require thorough whitening exercises every few months. Guzzling fizzy drinks or fruit juices more than required quantity can lead to increase in acidity levels with the mouth and discolored teeth. If you like drinking fruit juices on a daily basis then use a straw and do not allow it to swish for a long time in the mouth.

Teeth whitening strips and toothpaste

These can be purchased from the local drugstore and can help your teeth stay free of stains related to beverages and food. These strips contain whitening gel that can be used on teeth for a few minutes every month or  once in a couple weeks to keep clean and bright. Whitening toothpastes also actively control surface stains of teeth by acting as polishing agent to keep plaque away. These are preferred above baking soda and bleaches as these products do not affect the natural teeth color. You can also visit a dentist is Cary to get your teeth whitened.

Brush your teeth and your tongue daily

Throw out toothbrushes with bent and worn out look as it will not clean your mouth. Brush your tongue after cleaning your mouth as it can reduce chances of teeth staining as bacteria spreads from it towards the teeth.

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