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Our Team Can Show You How to Prevent Gum Disease


Gingivitis is a term many of us hear the most often mentioned in toothpaste commercials, or in print ads promoting mouth washes.? Yet it isn’t something most of us think about very often.? While many do know that gingivitis is a form of gum disease most commonly associated with the build up of biofilms, or plaque, on the teeth and gums–we often do not realize that gingivitis can lead to even more serious periodontitis and that these are all entirely? preventable with quality dental care and good dental hygiene.

Gingivitis is considered to be a mostly “non-destructive” periodontal disease which presents as swollen and shiny, red, or purple gums that are often sensitive to touch and during brushing, or flossing.? Gums that are affected by gingivitis also tend to bleed after brushing, or flossing.? Gingivitis can additional be associated with chronic bad breath, or halitosis due to the excessive build up of plaque and other bacteria in the recesses of the gums called gingival grooves.

The most common cause of gingivitis is the build up of plaque in the mouth due to improper, or too little brushing and/or flossing.? As the plaque increases in the gingival grooves (also called plaque traps), they release harmful bacterial chemicals that can, if left untreated, cause complications including the onset of periodontitis (further inflammation of the gums leading eventually to loss of the bone around your teeth), abscesses, bacterial infections, ulcerations in the gums and eventually, the loss of teeth.

The most effective way to both prevent and fight periodontal disease, specifically gingivitis, is of course, through thorough daily oral hygiene routines.? Routine brushing and flossing works to break up plaque deposits, keeping them from building up along the gum line and causing the harmful irritation of the gums.? Many mouth washes on the market are also helpful in the prevention of gum diseases, including gingivitis.? Washes containing chlorhexidine (usually only available through prescription), alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide are considered the most effective, although saline based washes also assist in the reduction of overall plaque in the mouth.

Equally as important as maintaining a daily dental hygiene routine, is your twice yearly visit to the dentists to keep your smile bright, healthy and happy.? Along with your own dental hygiene, let?Dr. Ashley Mann?provide quality general dental care, and cleanings that can help prevent gum disease such as gingivitis.? Or, if you have already developed gingivitis, Dr. Ashley Mann can create a effective treatment plan that includes the prevention of further developments.

Along with first class general dentistry for your entire family, let Dr. Ashley Mann and his caring, and skilled team also provide you with the best possible care in cosmetic, and sedation dentistry.??Contact us?for your appointment and learn how you can prevent gum disease with great dental care today!

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